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Through RGH Consulting, ETM Coaching and Unite Fundraising, I am able to offer different platforms to support the businesses and individuals I work with in a variety of ways. The three businesses encompass everything I have learned during my time in business and allow me to focus in different areas so the right support can be given in the right area.

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    "Ryan's ability to motivate individuals and step change their performance quickly is remarkable and has definitely influenced me positively throughout my career development. Working with Ryan is unequivocally a positive return on investment for your organisation."
    John Ward
    "Whether it's on an one-to-one basis or in a team environment, Ryan introduces belief, confidence and proven results. His approach is extremely personable and motivational and I can guarantee a high ROI for those who are fortunate enough to work with him."
    Ashley Kirk
    "Overall, my experience working with Ryan was truly invaluable. His leadership, mentorship, and dedication to his people's success created an environment where everyone could thrive both personally and professionally. I am incredibly grateful to have had Ryan as a mentor and his influence will continue to positively impact my career journey."
    Jonathan Poulton
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